Jaloot is a level 77 elite gorloc quest giver located in Sholazar Basin[72.5, 57.5]
. He can also be found in The Sundered Shard as a captive of the Lich Artruis the Heartless. Jaloot is very hyper, and can give you the buff Jaloot's Intensity when summoned. He is summoned with Jaloot's Favorite Crystal, and after being introduced can be acquired again from Soo-say.




  • Great Stones not for touching! Bad move! Bad move!
  • We run circles around you! We so good!
  • You like that? Bet not! Bet not cause you dead! Hahah!
  • Home good, but not stay long! More adventures!
  • Lets go jump off tree! Fun fun!
  • Hello! You're pretty strong and nice and stuff. I like you. Let's stay friends, okay?
  • Great Ones keep home safe because they like Oracles I think! They know we good and nice.
  • One day maybe you can be Soo-dryskin. Like?
  • Home home home... place of the shinies!
  • Miswhisper not always like us. They say we "damage their calm."

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