Ivar Patch

The Ivar Patch

The Ivar Patch is a pumpkin patch in northern Silverpine Forest. This was once a prosperous and pleasant farm, and Ivar employed many farmhands and servants. That was only until the Scourge ravaged the lands of Lordaeron, however.

Ivar and his family and farmhands succumbed to the Plague of Undeath and became terrible rotting ghouls. Ivar the Foul, the ghoul Ivar became, and other ghouls stalk the former farm, terrorizing any who come near.

Three agents of the Forsaken, Rane Yorick, Quinn Yorick, and Erland McKree were tasked with a reconnaissance mission in northern Silverpine. They were ordered to determine the threat levels of wildlife and the Scourge in the region. The deathstalkers passed through the Dead Field, noting the presence of Rot Hide gnolls there before arriving at Ivar's farm. There, the party was ambushed by the ravenous ghouls, and Quinn was injured by Ivar himself. Quinn and Rane took up a defensive position in Ivar's old house while Erland continued on with the mission. He discovered a large presence of aggressive worgs who ultimately pinned him in a small farmhouse at Malden's Orchard.

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