Ivan is one of the leaders of the trappers of the Grizzly Hills. He can be found at Aspen Grove Post, and is guarded by a small company of his comrades.

Lieutenant Dumont sought to seek the aid of the locals against the Horde presence in the region, and thus sent adventurers to help recover a cedar chest that was stolen from Ivan's trappers.



Once the chest reaches Ivan's hands, he speaks:

You did it! You recovered the Sc... you recovered the chest that the Horde stole from us. We thank you, <name>.

Although the trappers pledge to assist the Alliance, this hints that the player accidentally gives the fabled Scythe of Elune to Ivan, who is later revealed to be a possible member of Archmage Arugal's Wolfcult.

This possibly marks Ivan as the new scythe bearer.

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