Leatherworkers, Blacksmiths and Tailors can produce many items that are related to each other. They are identified by having a common prefix (eg. "Turtle Scale ..."), and they are usually all produced around the same level of skill.

They are not true sets, and do not confer any bonus for wearing many of the items. This wiki calls these "collections".

Items associated by adjective only but deriving no group benefit are not true sets but are collections, sometimes called vanity sets. These provide no bonuses when worn together other than the bonuses of each individual item, and are often worn piecemeal. Collections usually lack the stringent definition of formal sets. They usually have a themed look which provides a significant role play value.

These collections have many advantages over random gear:

  • Most of them are BoE and can easily be bought from the Auction House or a low to high skill crafter
  • All parts of the collection generally have similar level requirements
  • The materials needed to form the collection are generally farmable at the same level at which you can wear the collection
  • Usually, every item in the collection has bonuses to the same stats, allowing you to easily find items for each armor slot that target the stat bonuses you require
  • Since there is no set bonus, if you pick up a new item that is better than any single item in the collection, you can just start wearing it, and throw away the old item
  • They usually look cool when worn together!

Cloth collectionsEdit

Name Level range Quality Source Stats
Ancestral collection 4 - 8 Uncommon World Drop Intellect, Stamina and Spirit
Arcane collection Uncommon World Drop Intellect, Stamina and Spirit
Argent collection
Aurora collection Uncommon World Drop Spirit, Intellect and Stamina
Azure Silk collection Uncommon Tailoring Intellect, Spirit and Stamina
Barbaric cloth collection
Black Mageweave collection Uncommon Tailoring Spirit and Intellect
Bright collection Uncommon World Drop Spirit, Intellect and Stamina
Brightcloth collection Uncommon Tailoring Frost and Shadow resistance
Brown Linen collection Uncommon Tailoring Intellect and Spirit
Cindercloth collection Uncommon Tailoring Intellect and Spirit
Crimson Silk collection Uncommon Tailoring Intellect, Spirit and Stamina
Darkmist collection Uncommon World Drop Random
Dreamweave collection Rare Tailoring Spirit and Intellect
Earthen Silk collection
Ebonweave collection
Elunarian collection Uncommon World Drop Spirit, Stamina and Intellect
Felcloth collection Rare Tailoring Intellect, Spirit and Stamina
Flameheart collection
Flarecore collection Epic Tailoring Intellect, Spirit and Stamina
Frayed collection Poor World Drop None
Frostweave collection
Ghostweave collection Uncommon Tailoring Intellect and MP/5
Glacial collection (old)
Glacial collection (new)
Green Silk collection
Haliscan collection
Heavy Woolen collection
Hibernal collection Uncommon
Highborne collection Uncommon
Imperial Red collection Uncommon
Journeyman's collection Uncommon
Knitted collection
Lifeblood collection
Linen collection Common
Midsummer Reveler Common
Mistscape collection Uncommon
Mooncloth collection Rare
Moonshroud collection
Mystic's collection Uncommon
Nightsky collection Uncommon
Patchwork Cloth collection Poor World Drop None
Red Mageweave collection Uncommon
Resilient collection Uncommon
Phoenic collection
Runecloth collection Uncommon
Runed Stygian collection Rare
Sanguine collection Uncommon
Seer's collection Uncommon
Shadoweave collection Uncommon
Silksand collection Uncommon
Silver-thread collection Uncommon
Soulguard collection
Spellbinder collection Uncommon
Spellweave collection
Stonecloth collection Uncommon
Sunfire collection
Swiftheal collection
Sylvan collection Rare
Tattered Cloth collection Common
Truefaith collection
Tuxedo collection Common
Unkempt collection Poor World Drop None
Venomshroud collection Uncommon
Windchaser collection Uncommon
Wizardweave collection

Leather collectionsEdit

Name Level range Quality Source Stats
Archer's collection
Barbaric leather collection
Bard's collection
Big Voodoo collection
Blastguard collection
Bramblewood collection
Bristlebark collection Uncommon
Burnt Leather collection Uncommon
Ceremonial collection Uncommon
Cobrascale collection
Cured Leather collection
Dark Leather collection Uncommon
Dokebi collection Uncommon
Dusky collection
Earthgiving collection
Emblazoned collection Uncommon
Enchanted Clefthoof collection
Feral collection
Forest Leather collection Uncommon
Glyphed collection Uncommon
Guardian collection
Hawkeye's collection Uncommon
Heraldic collection Uncommon
Hillman's collection Uncommon
Hunting collection Uncommon
Imperial Leather collection Uncommon
Inscribed Leather collection Uncommon
Insignia collection Uncommon
Molten collection
Nightscape collection Uncommon
Nightshade collection Uncommon
Nocturnal collection
Polar collection (old)
Polar collection (new)
Prospector's collection Uncommon
Ragged Leather collection Poor
Redeemed Soul collection
Rough Leather collection
Runic Leather collection
Scorpashi collection Uncommon
Scraggy collection
Swiftstrike collection
Tanned Leather collection Common
Tribal collection Uncommon
Trollwoven collection
Warden's collection Uncommon
Wicked Leather collection Uncommon
Wild Leather collection Uncommon
Windripper collection
Worn Leather collection Poor

Mail collectionsEdit

Name Level range Quality Source Stats
Ancient collection Uncommon
Augmented collection
Barbaric Iron collection
Battle Chain collection
Blood Knight collection Uncommon
Bloodlust collection Uncommon
Bloodspattered collection Uncommon
Brackwater collection
Brilliant Saronite collection Rare
Chainmail collection
Copper Chain collection Uncommon Blacksmithing Strength
Dragonscale collection
Ebonhold collection Uncommon
Enduring collection
Fiery Chain collection
Flamescale collection
Flimsy Chain collection Poor
Fortified collection
Golden Scale collection Uncommon
Giantmaim collection
Green Iron collection Rare
Heavy Scorpid collection Uncommon
Heavy Timbermaw collection
Icy Scale collection (old)
Icy Scale collection (new)
Living Earth collection
Loose Chain collection Poor
Marauder's collection Uncommon
Mithril Scale collection
Netherdrake collection
Nightshock collection
Onyxia Scale collection
Outrunner's collection Uncommon
Polished Scale collection Common
Radiant collection
Revenant's collection
Rough Bronze collection
Runed Copper collection
Sandstalker collection
Silvered Bronze collection
Soldier's collection
Sparkleshell collection
Spitfire collection
Sun-Drenched Scale collection
Tough Scorpid collection Uncommon
Turtle Scale collection Uncommon

Plate collectionsEdit

Name Level range Quality Source Stats
Alabaster Plate collection
Brilliant Saronite collection Rare
Brilliant Titansteel collection
Cobalt collection Uncommon
Dark Iron collection Epic
Darkrune collection
Dawnsteel collection
Daunting collection
Enchanted Thorium collection
Hard Khorium collection
Heavy Mithril collection Uncommon
Icebane collection
Iceguard collection
Ironvine collection
Ornate Mithril collection Rare
Overlord's collection Uncommon
Red Plate collection
Reinforced Cobalt collection
Revenant collection
Righteous collection
Runic Plate collection
Shadesteel collection
Spiked Cobalt collection
Spiked Titansteel collection
Tempered Saronite collection Rare
Tempered Titansteel collection
Thorium collection
Warleader collection Uncommon
Wildguard collection

Zul'Aman Bc icon Edit

Armor that drops in Zul'Aman and can be purchased for Badge of Justice from items added in Patch 2.3.
see Zul'Aman sets

Sunwell Bc icon Edit

Armor that drops in Sunwell Plateau can be traded in with Sunmotes to a Shattered Sun Offensive quartermaster for counterpart armor sets. Both the sets are untitled, unclassified, of epic quality, and are a notch above Tier 6 armor.
see Sunwell Sets

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