'I need you to help me escape. I have information vital to the security of Stonebreaker Hold and probably all of Outland!'

~ Isla Starmane - Firewing Point, Terokkar Forest

Isla Starmane is a level 63 quest giver located at the Firewing Point in the contested territory of Terokkar Forest. Isla Starmane was one of the druids of the Cenarion Expedition who were stationed at Cenarion Thicket before the mana bomb was detonated there. She escaped the fate of her friends and allies by being their ill-fated ambassador to the blood elves at Firewing Point at the time of the attack. The blood elves, however did not welcome her and promptly locked her in a cage. It is likely that she watched helplessly as the plans to attack the druids took place before her eyes.

She starts the following quests:


"<cough><cough> Damsel in distress over here!"

"Hello? Help?"

"Don't leave me in here! 'Cause if you do, I will find you!"

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