Isiden Perenolde[1] (BtDP 100) was the nephew of Lord Aiden Perenolde, King of Alterac. When Alterac was placed under martial law by order of King Terenas, Isiden fled to Gilneas, where he hoped to rally support.[1] (BtDP 100, 101) He was eventually backed by Genn Greymane, Gilneas' king, as the matter of the succession began to heat up.[2] (DotD 7)

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Isiden may be the individual known as Baron Perenolde. Isiden might have also been struck by the Worgen Curse that struck Gilneas, and may be featured in Cataclysm in Gilneas.

Preceded by:
Aiden Perenolde
Ruler of Alterac
(Fighting for control against Beve Perenolde and Aliden Perenolde)
Succeeded by:

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