Investigator Asric is a member of The Scryers who has been tasked with investigating the stall formally held by Griftah prior to his exile from Shattrath City. He occasionally mentions how much he hates the job of investigating and the poor state of the stall.

He was added to the game in Patch 2.2.0.

As of Patch 2.3.0 Asric and Peacekeeper Jadaar were both moved to the World's End Tavern in Lower City, where they argue over who was responsible for the failure of the investigation of Griftah.

There is some speculation that Asric was bribed by Griftah, as prompted by this exchange of dialogue between Asric and Jadaar in the tavern:

  • Asric: [Thalassian] That man didn't pay me enough to put up with this blowhard...
Jadaar: What was that?
Asric: Oh, nothing. Merely thinking aloud.

In Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

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It would appear that the Griftah incident did not go down well with the leadership in Shattrath, as both Jadaar and Asric were fired by the Sha'tar and left Shattrath to find new employment. In Wrath of the Lich King, they found their way to Northrend, where they sit in the Cantrips and Crows, the bar in the Underbelly of Dalaran. Asric, who kept his fine clothes (minus his Scryers tabard), blames Jadaar for his loss of employment due to his involement in the Griftah investigation. He constantly teases Jadaar for his perceived incompetence, all the while pointing out that they were now free agents no longer tied to politics or duties. They later moved to Argent Tournament grounds but various issues have kept them from competing.

Quotes Edit

Peacekeeper Jadaar says: I must have taken leave of my senses, allowing a Scryer to aid in such a delicate operation...
Investigator Asric says: My servics were rendered. The protection of the city is not my jurisdiction. I believe that's why they call you "peacekeepers?"
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: Had we been fully handling the investigation, I assure you, the evidence would have remained safe. Instead we used your highly questionable methods...
Investigator Asric says: Of course. My methods are questionable. It was my methodology, I'll note, that exposed that "Griftah" as a fraud in the first place! You had only to keep the peace, and you failed in that simple task!
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: [Draenei] Ashjrakamas nagasraka zekul (Translation: Incompetent, sniveling dandy.)
Investigator Asric says: [Thalassian] Shan're dor'ano shan're (Translation: Pompous, uptight windbag.)
Peacekeeper Jadaar and Investigator Asric glare at each other silently, their eyes narrowed.

Peacekeeper Jadaar says: How could you have lost the evidence?!
Investigator Asric says: I thought it was secure! If your peacekeepers had the clout to control the thieves of this city, this wouldn't have happened!
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: You blame the peacekeepers for your failure? You were entrusted with a simple task. The troll was obviously a fraud!
Investigator Asric says: And you're entrusted with keeping the city safe! How am I supposed to perform my simple task if the streets are thick with lowlifes? I can't spit in Shattrath without hitting some gruby burglar.
Investigator Asric says: …not that I would spit, of course.
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: I was trying to oust one of those lowlifes you so loathe permanently! Next time, I'll be certain to specify that I require a competent investigator!
Investigator Asric says: [Thalassian] Ri osa FULO talah banthalos (Translation: Do you EVER cease prattling?)
Investigator Asric says: [Thalassian] Diel nei dorNi ala ni ethala do ala ri shar diel mandalas (Translation: That man didn't pay me enough to put up with this blowhard...)
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: What was that?
Investigator Asric says: Oh, nothing. Merely thinking aloud.

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