Instructor Chillheart is the first boss in Scholomance. She can be found in the Reliquary.


Adventure Guide

Course: Introduction to the Dark Arts

Instructor Chillheart journeyed from Northrend to teach aspiring necromancers discipline, harshly punishing those who disappoint her. She commands the icy chill of the north and masterfully uses Scholomance's libraries to deadly effect.

Spells & Abilities

First Lesson

  • Spell frost ice shards.png  [Ice Wave]—Instructor Chillheart summons a wave of ice that slowly sweeps across the room, instantly killing any player it touches.
  • Ability warlock soulsiphon.png  [Wrack Soul]—Instructor Chillheart shatters the soul of a player, inflicting 15000 Shadow damage every second for 10 sec. When Wrack Soul expires, it jumps to another player. Cast on Heroic difficulty only.
  • Inv misc herb icethorn.png  [Ice Wrath]—Instructor Chillheart wreaths a player in ice for 10 sec, causing them to inflict 277 to 322[DJ 1] Frost damage to all of their allies within 2 yards every second.
  • Spell deathknight icetouch.png  [Touch of the Grave]—Instructor Chillheart's icy touch cause her next 10 melee attacks to inflict an additional 555 to 645[DJ 2] Frost damage.
  • Spell frost frostbolt02.png  [Frigid Grasp]—Instructor Chillheart summons ice at a player's location that explodes from the ground, inflicting 750[DJ 3] Frost damage to all nearby players.

Second Lesson

When Instructor Chillheart's physical body dies, the foul magic that animated her escapes back to her phylactery.

Fragments of Instructor Chillheart's soul escape the phylactery and animate the tomes of magic scattered throughout the classroom.

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