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Classes: Rogue, Druid, Warlock, Priest, Hunter

Usually a rogue or druid with their stealth, a Warlock using Eye of Kilrogg, or a priest using Mind Vision. The scout is anyone who can stealth to scout ahead around corners and inside rooms to avoid the party running smack into a pile of mobs. While not a critical part of a party they can be useful in tight, twisty, dense instances. Also, remember that Hunters can scout ahead, behind, around corners, through doors, etc. all at once provided their tracking is set to an appropriate type.

Hunters can also scout using Eyes of the Beast, and stealth scout if their pets have Prowl. Be careful if you use your pet to scout, even if it can stealth. You need to control your pet to either safely return before Eyes of the Beast timer's run out, or it is sufficiently far away enough that your pet disappears from your control. Otherwise, if your pet is still in controllable range when the timer runs out, it will return back to you. This is potentially a major problem because it can aggro mobs on the return trip.

Hunters remember, if there is a chance that your pet will bring mobs to your group in this before mentioned situation, make sure that you put your pet on stay. Your pet will be killed, but that way you make sure no mobs will get to your group. It is always better to sacrifice your pet, than your group. And if the mobs still get to your group, gain aggro on yourself and handle the situation just like aborting a pull.

Should the scout draw a lot of aggro, too much for the party to deal with, let them die. Do not attack, do not assist, do not heal. Allow the scout to die. Once the scout is dead the mobs will have no targets and the battle is over. They can then be rez'd and the party can continue on their way having avoided a wipe. A good scout knows they're expendable. See Surviving a Wipe for more details.

About the most important thing you can know about working with a scout is this: If the scout is stealthed and moving forward do not follow him/her! This may seem obvious but it happens all the time: The scout sneaks stealthly into a room filled with mobs only to find a party member lumbering behind them. There's a natural urge for other party members to want to edge forward and have a look. Even if you can stealth too, resist the urge to go forward and take a peek, you'll just get in the way.

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