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Instance off tank
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Instance rezzer

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The Damage Dealer Edit

Classes: All

As expected the damage dealer has one primary task: deal as much damage as possible to burn down one or more targets. However, they have a few secondary tasks that are almost as important: don't take aggro from the tank and don't endanger the healers or other squishies. This guide is intended to help damage dealers understand how best to perform their role in instance situations, but be able to adapt to edge case situations as well.

Types of DPS with class
  • Magic - Mage, Warlock; Balance Druid, Discipline/Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman
  • Ranged - Hunter
  • Melee - Rogue, Arms/Fury Warrior; Enhancement Shaman,Feral Druid,Retribution Paladin, Death Knight.

Damage Dealer Edit

Main article: Damage dealer

Every class can be a damage dealer, some classes are designed to provide utility while doing decent damage, some classes are designed to focus on DPS and provide no utility.

As a Damage DealerEdit

  • Watch your threat, if you die due to over aggro, it is your fault.
  • A damage dealer's job is deal out as much damage as possible without exceeding the tank's threat.
  • A threat meter such as Omen is very handy for threat management.
  • If for any reason you have aggro, run toward the tank and use any threat reduction spell if possible.
  • If two mobs are up and your threat is high on one of them, try switching targets to a non-CCed one.
  • Being on target, on the correct target, is important. Know your targeting priority.
  • Knowing when not to dps is important. Ping ponging a mob between you and the tank isn't usually part of the plan. If the tank has decided it's time to pull adds off the healer, wait for them to do that.
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