Instance attunement refers to the process of gaining permanent access to an instance. The term comes from one of the first of such quests created: Neutral 15 [60] Attunement to the Core. Many of the endgame instances require you to complete a quest or obtain a certain item to allow entrance. Listed below are all the instances that require an attunement and how to complete it.

With patch 1.11, players received a keyring, which is essentially a permanent bag in which a number of keys can be placed. Unfortunately, not everything is considered a key. The Scepter of Celebras, for example, is not seen as a key and keeps taking up space.

Since patch 2.0.1 the keyring grows dynamically as the player gathers more keys (instead of a certain number slots per so many levels).


The instances listed here require a key or attunement to access some or all areas of the instance. In some cases, a rogue can use lockpicking in lieu of a key. In most cases, only one player needs to open the door for all members of the group to gain access.

Heroic mode keys

As of patch 2.3, to enter the heroic mode version of an Outland instance you must earn Template:Honored reputation status (was revered) with a specific faction related to that instance. Once Template:Honored status is obtained, the keys can simply be purchased from that faction's quartermaster. The currently available instances and their respective factions are listed below. Please note that all party members must have a key to enter the instance in heroic mode.

Hellfire Citadel Alliance 15Honor Hold
Horde 15Thrallmar
Coilfang Reservoir Cenarion Expedition
Auchindoun Lower City
Tempest Keep Sha'tar
Caverns of Time Keepers of Time
Magister's Terrace You just need to complete the quest chain that starts from Exarch Larethor on the Isle of Quel'Danas.


Except for Upper Blackrock Spire, all raid members must be attuned or possess a key to enter the instance.

Other keys

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