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Were you looking for the type of armor augments known as Inscriptions or the class lore from the RPG Inscriber?

Inscription is a profession which was introduced in Patch 3.0.2. Inscription will allow players to augment the cooldown, damage, or mechanics (stun, knockback, DoT, HoT, etc.) of a spell. It will have two aspects: augmentation of abilities and spells with the creation of a new type of item ("scrolls", for example, from ink, parchment, and other reagents).[1] Every player will get a new spell book page to which they can add up to six glyphs — currently ranging from one major and one minor at level 15 to three major and three minor at level 80.

A sub-skill called Milling will accompany Inscription that will produce reagents (pigments) from herbs similar to how the Prospecting sub-skill of Jewelcrafting works.

Inscribing abilities for other characters will involve the creation of Inscription-based scrolls which can be traded, bought, or sold at the auction house in the same manner as other items.[2]

Scribes[3][4] will also be able to create Vellum for enchanters to put their enchants on, this will enable enchanting scrolls to be traded, and sold on the auction house.

Those who don't purchase any expansion will be able to use items created by a scribe, and learn the profession. However, like all other skills, only those who buy the Wrath of the Lich King expansion will be able to level it beyond 375.[5]



Glyph Interface

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Scribes will create Glyphs that allow players to modify their spells and abilities.

Major glyphs will be effective in combat — adding damage over time or stun to a physical attack, for example — while minor glyphs will give convenient or cosmetic improvements, removing the need for some spell reagents.[6]. Major glyph recipes are taught by inscription trainers, while minor glyphs may be learned only through discovery by Minor Inscription Research.

Class Specific Glyphs

Below is a list of each class's available glyphs.

Gathering profession

Herbalism is the primary gathering profession for Inscription.[6]


Main article: Inscription ingredients

Pigments are created by milling herbs, the list of which can be seen in the Inscription ingredients article.


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Inscription will be trainable at low levels like other professions.






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