Infiltrator Marksen is a level 40 human quest ender located in Stonard in the contested territory of Swamp of Sorrows. He was captured by orcs while spying on Beggar's Haunt through which he most likely gained information about the forsaken and plans to give that information to the orcs. He's guarded by Grunt Tharlak and Grunt Zuul until he can be questioned.

Deathstalker Zraedus wants to "help" his orcish allies, by having you deliver and administer a "truth serum" to Marksen.


H [42] Nothing But The Truth Quest Complete 16x16.png


Marksen after drinking his "ale".

Once Nothing But The Truth is completed.

Infiltrator Marksen takes a big swig of ale.
Infiltrator Marksen says: That was refreshing. Now there's information that needs to be told...
Infiltrator Marksen says: I believe the Forsaken are misleading the allies of the Horde.... wait... I feel so... dizzy...
Infiltrator Marksen writhes in pain.

He'll turn into a zombie and stumble around for a few moments, just before collapsing.

Infiltrator Marksen says: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!


It's odd that Marksen's guards have no reaction to his death. It might be an inconsistency, or perhaps the guards didn't care much for him. It is probably the former, as they should have reacted to his observation on the Forsaken seconds before his death.

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