The Imperial Plate is an 7-piece armor set with heavy stamina and strength bonuses, crafted by Blacksmithing.


All items are crafted via Blacksmithing

ItemCrafting materialsThorium bars for plans
[Imperial Plate Belt]6x Rugged Leather, 10x Thorium Bar10
[Imperial Plate Boots]18x Thorium Bar20
[Imperial Plate Bracers]12x Thorium Bar10
[Imperial Plate Chest]20x Thorium Bar30
[Imperial Plate Helm]18x Thorium Bar, 1x Star Ruby25
[Imperial Plate Leggings]24x Thorium Bar30
[Imperial Plate Shoulders]6x Rugged Leather, 12x Thorium Bar10

It takes 135 Thorium Bars to get all the plans. Once a blacksmith has all the plans, it takes the following materials for a full set:

114x Thorium Bar, 12x Rugged Leather, 1x Star Ruby


Mulgore imperial
Imperial Blood Elf Male


Imperial Plate
Inv belt 01
Inv boots plate 01
Inv bracer 19
Inv chest plate10
Inv helmet 22
Inv pants 04
Inv shoulder 02

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