Lady Illucia Barov was a level 60 elite ghost mini-boss found in Scholomance. She was the wife of Lord Alexei Barov and one of the six mini-bosses who neede to be killed in order to summon Darkmaster Gandling.


She uses only shadow spells, so a shadow resistance buff or aura will do great here.

  • (AOE) Shadow Bolt Volley: Hits every party member within 20-30 yards.
  • AOE Curse of Agony — affects everyone in the room.
  • Shadow Shock: Instant shadow damage to her target (tank)
  • Fear: The first person on the aggro list, besides the main tank, will be afflicted by the magic debuff fear for about 10 seconds, but this varies.
  • Silence: Has a cast time, 10sec duration, magic (blue, dispellable) debuff
  • Dominate Mind: Randomly controls a party member, making him turn on the person with the most aggro besides the main tank. If the tank himself is afflicted this way, both the player and Illucia will attack the next person with the most aggro. To counter this, DO NOT damage your party member, just CC him, eg Polymorph, Fear, or just stun him until the spell wears off.


Lady Illucia Barov has a chance to drop one of the following items. It is not guaranteed, however, that she will drop anything at all.

Lady Illucia Barov loot
Inv weapon bow 08
Inv belt 23
Inv boots 01
Inv gauntlets 26
Inv chest leather 05
Inv pants 06
Inv shoulder 05
Inv chest leather 03
Inv belt 16
Inv gauntlets 15
Inv pants 07
Inv boots 05
Inv chest chain 15
Inv gauntlets 28
Inv belt 12
Inv pants 04
Inv boots 01
Inv jewelry ring 15
Inv pants 02
Inv hammer 13
Inv relics libramofhope
Inv boots 05
Inv bracer 07
Inv pants 08
Inv shoulder 02
Inv chest cloth 43
Inv relics totemoflife
Inv jewelry talisman 12250250

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