Illidan's Naga[2][3] consists of various tribes of naga who followed Illidan Stormrage into Outland. They now control several of the watery areas of the shattered planet, including much of Zangarmarsh. They are led by his naga lieutenant, Lady Vashj, who rules from Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh. They are more vicious than the azerothian naga.[4]

Illidan's Naga were a group of naga under Illidan's leadership in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. They were allied with the satyr faction, Illidan's Servitors.

The naga tribes under Illidan



WoW Pro Lore Episode 33 The Betrayer Ascendant

WoW Pro Lore Episode 33 The Betrayer Ascendant

Illidan calls in the aid of the Naga

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