Hyakiss the Lurker is a level 73 named elite spider in the Servants' Quarters in Karazhan. Once he spawns, he's stealthed in a corner of the spider room.

To cause the Hyakiss or one of the other servant's quarters bosses to spawn, you must completely clear the area of trash. If it takes your raid more than 30 minutes to kill them all, you will likely have respawns, which will need killed as well. Once there is not a single trash mob alive in the Servant's Quarters, one of the three bosses will spawn. Which boss spawns is determined randomly.

Attacks and Abilities Edit

  • HP: ~260,000
  • Hyakiss' Web: Stuns an enemy for 10 sec (magic).
  • Acidic Wound: Deals 500 damage every 3 seconds and reduces armor by 500. Stacks up to 60 times and lasts 1 minute. This cannot be dispelled.

Strategy Edit

After engaging, 2 tanks build up threat on Hyakiss simultaneously. Make sure that the off-tank always stays second on the aggro-list, so that when the main tank gets webbed, Hyakiss goes to the off tank, instead of killing the raid. Remove the poison, it reduces armor and does nature damage per few seconds. If there is no one to remove it, the off tank should taunt her if the poison stacks too often (2-3 times), so that the MT has the chance to let the debuff run out. The stun can also be dispelled.

Video guide Edit

How to solo Hyakiss the Lurker
How to Solo Karazhan part 1 of 2

How to Solo Karazhan part 1 of 2


Hyakiss the Lurker Loot
Inv belt 03
Inv belt 25
Inv belt 03
Inv belt 22

Examples: Mail: +55 stamina +35 Nature Resistance

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