This article concerns the lore and philosophy of Huojin. For the faction, see Huojin Pandaren.
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Huojin is the philosophy espoused by Ji Firepaw, the leader of the Huojin Pandaren faction and the counterpart to Aysa Cloudsinger and the more meditative Tushui philosophy. Its adherents believe in immediate action without hesitation.

The HordePandaren 15 Huojin have become affiliated with the Horde 15 Horde.

Scroll Edit

This scroll is found inside the temple of the Shang Xi Training Grounds[58.7, 17.9]
on the Wandering Isle.
Path of the Huojin

"Always challenge. Always question. In the pursuit of a greater good, inaction is the only wrong." - Master Zurong

The path of the Huojin is marked by practical and decisive action. Followers of this discipline believe that morals and ideals are not absolute, but change with circumstances.

As such, a Huojin Master must remain flexible in his or her thinking, always evaluating the greater good.

Notes Edit

  • "Huojin" (火金) means "fire and metal" in Chinese, while "tushui" means "earth and water". They all belong to the five elements in ancient Chinese philosophy called "Wu Xing".[1]
  • In early press materials supplied by Blizzard, "Huojin" ("uo") was frequently misspelled as "Houjin" ("ou").[2]

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