Humphrey Digsong is a dwarf quest giver for the Alliance located at the entrance to Underlight Canyon[47.6, 49.6]
in the Abyssal Depths. He and his brother, Oskar, seem to have a bit of a swimming problem, as neither seem to be able to sink at all, hence why Humphrey is clinging to a clam shell. Though he is an Alliance quest giver, Horde players can talk with him.



Ah! Umm... hello there. I was just inspecting this shell here. Carry on! Nothing to see here!

Gossipgossipicon Why are you upside down?

I seem to be having a... floating problem.

Gossipgossipicon Why is that?

I couldn't tell ya. Maybe I've got a low bone density, or a larger-than-average lung capacity. Maybe it's all that cheese I had for lunch. Either way, this shell is the only thing that's keeping me from rocketing to the surface.

Gossipgossipicon Fascinating.

Aye, and it runs in the family. The Digsongs have always had buoyancy issues, I'm afraid.

Gossipgossipicon How did you get all the way down here, then?

Hand over hand, lad/lass... hand over aching hand. I can't tell ya how many gallons of seawater went right up my nose. You shoulda seen me fight off that pyreshell crab using my feet and my teeth, though! 'Twas a thing of glory, 'twas.

Gossipgossipicon Sounds impressive.

I remember when I was just a wee little lad... the other boys would swim down to the bottom of Loch Modan and pick up sand dollars and seashells. Oskar and I were stuck on the lake's surface, kicking our legs uselessly into the air, but we couldn't join them.

Gossipgossipicon That's too bad. Anyhow...

I can't even remember how many times I've spotted a beautiful mining vein at the bottom of a lake or river, glimmering mockingly at me. I'm forced to float orelessly by, mining pick in hand, only to watch some blasted orc or blood elf swim down to the bottom and take it away from me.

Gossipgossipicon I really need to get going now.

Ya have no idea what it's like to be stuck down here in Vashj'ir like this! Do ya know how many fish have confused me for a piece of seaweed, nibbling on my toes and hiding between pieces of my armor? That tickling alone is enough to drive a dwarf mad!

Gossipgossipicon ...

I can tell ya don't want to hear my grumbling. That's fine. Just don't forget how lucky you are, with your "sea legs" and your "ability to swim in a direction other than up".

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