Humar the Pridelord [67.4, 64.6]

is a hostile​​ level 23 elite rare mob cat found just outside of Ratchet in the Barrens. Low level characters trying to kill (rather than tame) him should pull him away from the other lions under the tree, as he emits a "Thundering Roar" when low on health that will aggro all nearby lions, often resulting in a swift death for the careless.


Hunters often seek to tame Humar because of his unique coloration. Note that with Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Blizzard added another black male lion named Pitch. Pitch is a level 76 tamable cat who can be found in Sholazar Basin. He looks identical to Humar, but is not a rare spawn. Hunters, who want a black male lion, could tame it instead without waiting for Humar's long respawn timer but will not enjoy the prestige of owning this beautiful Cat at lower levels.

Finding Humar

  • To the northwest of Ratchet, just beyond the hills is a plain that is home to several dens of lions. You will find Humar at the northeast end of this plain.
  • Take the western road out of Ratchet. As you reach the top of the hill turn to the right and follow the mountain back to the northeast. As of patch 4.0.3, his tree is right inside the mountain range. You'll know the tree if tracking beasts on your map because the other lions form a perfect circle around the tree. Type in "/target Humar the Pridelord" and if he's there, you'll know it. Otherwise, you wait.
  • It is said that his spawn rate ranges from 8–12 hours. This timer resets whenever he is killed or tamed.
  • Hunters who seek to tame Humar, should expect some competition. Try to get on at a non-busy server time, like a weekday lunch, and you might have better luck.
  • Taming him is sometimes unsuccessful even if it is done correctly. Simply freeze-trap and try again if that happens.
  • If you arrive at the place where Humar should be, and he isn't there, a good place to wait for him to spawn is in the tree. Go around the back of the tree (so that it bends away from you) and walk up a slanted part on the right. You can see all of the lions around the tree from this point. (This might need revision. I'm not sure if you can climb the tree anymore.)

Icon-shortcutSee also: Combat 15 Echeyakee, a white lion only available through a Horde quest in the Crossroads 

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Perhaps as an homage to players waiting hours on end to tame Humar, Blizzard has included a small camp with a tent and fire near his tree.[1]

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