A hotkey is a key on the keyboard which activates something within a system. Specific to World of Warcraft, a hotkey activates abilities or skills, opens panes, begins or ends automatic actions, or, in general, performs whatever it has been scripted to do.

'Binding' and 'keybinding' are equivalent terms.

How to Edit Hotkeys Edit

Players can edit their hotkeys via the options menu ingame. The pane lists every hotkey currently made accessible by the UI, including those which AddOns have created.

Server-Side Keybindings Edit

Whenever the keybindings of an account get edited, they synchronize themselves with the server. This makes a re-installation of World of Warcraft much easier. However: Sometimes this isn't prefered. (Maybe to play with different computers and different keybindings.) So it can also be disabled ingame. (To enable it, just replace the 0 with a 1) Before Patch 3.0.3: /console synchronizeConfig 0 After Patch 3.0.3:[1] /console synchronizeBindings 0

Class Hotkeys Edit

If you are looking for ideas on your class's or an alt's hotkeys, please look at Hotkeys (you forgot the s).

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References Edit

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