A Horse is a large four-legged, four-hooved animal with a long face, substantial body and fast, narrow legs. This is the primary mount for Humans.

The strong bond between the humans of Azeroth and their warhorses has existed for generations. However, since the fall of Lordaeron, only select varieties continue to be bred throughout Alliance-controlled lands. Most prized among these are the stately Evendales of Elwynn Forest, renowned for their loyalty and even tempers. These horses command a hefty sum, but they reward their owners with steadiness and speed.[1] Horses are widely domesticated for riding and as beasts of burden.[1] (MGWS 11)

Additional info:

Epic mount


Three types of epic mount Horses are purchaseable in Eastvale Logging Camp, Southshore, and Theramore for 100Gold. The PVP epic horse is the Black War Steed.


This is a list of vendors at which places are offering which horses. Note that the vendor in Theramore isn't marked "Stormwind" and therefore doesn't give you the 10% discount you get if you are honored with Stormwind.

Eastvale Menethil Southshore Theramore
Pinto x x x x
Brown Horse x x x x
Chestnut Mare x x x x
Black Stallion x
Swift Brown Steed x x x
Swift White Steed x x x
Swift Palomino x x x


  • Light Horse
  • Quarter Horses
  • Arabians
  • Wild Horses
  • Heavy Horse
  • Clydesdales
  • Light Warhorse
  • Heavy Warhorse
  • Pony

Ponies are small horses, under 5 feet tall at the shoulder. They are similar to light horses and cannot fight while carrying a rider.[1] (MGWS 16)

  • Pinto
  • Brown Horse
  • Chestnut Mare
  • Black Stallion
  • Swift Brown Steed
  • Swift White Steed
  • Swift Palomino
  • Evendales

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