The strategy of the horde is hardly affected by the missing of tanks, and there is basically a very low amount of healers in the groups. Horde needs therefore high unision to crush alliance tanks and healers, great teamwork can result swift victory, while shattered renegades guarantee even faster lose. The horde has no tanks, therefore defending areas is slightly harder, even impossible, the horde can not let himself to leave guards because they are worthless against tank rhinos. Horde must roll really strong attacks or nothing. As the rythm says: "Coordinating even these rewards the horde with fame and honor, while losing the unity brings shame and need for donor,,

Golden rules Edit

  • Roll the attack, never stop
  • Don't leave guards
  • Do not let the casters schock
  • Protect your wards
  • Provide your hunters many yards
  • Kill the healers

Capture points Edit

In arenas like arathi basin the horde must, really MUST stand together as a great barrel to roll on the alliance, because yo know, no guards.

Flag Edit

In arenas like warsong gulch the horde must, really MUST sand together as a great hand that takes down alliance forces while the other hand (2-3 guys, one flagtaker, one slower and healer) take the lion banner and deliver it. Sometimes an avent will occour called "Marksman tower,,. In this case dying horde players stuck on the spirit area, because alliance controls everywhere else. In this situation, if you have ranged properties, SHOOT, howewer when you can stealth, try taking suddenly the defenceless flag.

Sometimes your teammates start thinking that they are in alliance and split forces, leave guards, make defence lines, it looks like a human boot on a troll leg. To evade this, try to inspire your teammates to kill "alliance dogs" yell "for the horde" or tell them the truth about the relationship between alliance and their mother to forge shattered forces into the right strategic maschine.


not silly

It works.


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