High Prophet Barim is a boss of the Lost City of the Tol'vir in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Tactics summary

  • Normal: Move out of the Heaven's Fury target area. At 50%, he summons Harbinger of Darkness. Kill the Harbinger, and also kill the Soul Fragments it creates, before they merge with it (healing it and buffing it). Use some AE heals to offset the Harbinger's Wail of Darkness. Once the Harbinger is dead, finish off Barim.
  • Heroic: Burn down the phoenix when it appears. Otherwise the same.


  • [Fifty Lashing]—Deals 50 lashings, 5 at a time. Melee swings will cause a lashing for normal damage plus 5000.
  • [Plague of Ages]—Hurls a bolt of cursed blight at the enemy dealing 9546 Nature damage, and then jumping to additional nearby enemies.
  • [Heavens' Fury]—Deals 15000 damage to all enemies with 4 yards
  • [Repentance]—The target's soul is ripped from their body.
    • [Repentance]—The caster is shrouded in a holy light, impervious to damage.
    • [Repentance]—Rip the target's soul from their body, exposing them to the spirit world.
    • [Hallowed Ground]—The hallowed ground deals 9546 Holy damage to those who stand on it.
Harbinger of Darkness


  • Baram periodically gains the Fifty Lashing buff, greatly increasing the damage that he does to the tank. The healer and tank should use cooldowns if need be.
  • Periodically, random players are targeted by Heaven's Fury (looks like a bolt of light from the sky). They should run out of it.
  • At around 50%, Baram casts Repentance, pulling all players to him and stunning them. After a few seconds, everyone is knocked them back and sent them to the spirit world.
    • Baram is immune to all damage while channeling Repentance or in the spirit world.
    • A Harbinger of Darkness will appear; the tank needs to immediately taunt it. Showing enemies nameplates may make it easier to see.
    • Everyone needs to stay out of the glowing ground around Barim, or they will take damage from Hallowed Ground.
    • Each player will have a Soul Fragment spawn on them and walk towards the Heart of Darkness. If they reach it, it deals aoe damage.
  • After the Harbinger of Darkness dies, phase one repeats until Barim dies.
  • It should also be noted while in Phase 2 a Druid skill "Rebirth" will not work.


A phoenix add spawns immediately after pulling the Boss. Ranged dps can either down this quickly (takes about 30 seconds), or have someone kite it around the battle area until the Boss gets to phase two, either option is viable.

The phoenix will morph into an egg if it takes enough damage. While in egg form, it regenerates health, and when the health of the egg reaches 100% it re-hatches. When it rehatches, the kiting and killing process resumes.

In phase two (Repentance), all of the dps needs to keep as much distance from the tank as possible while they kite the Heart of Darkness. A single Soul Fragment reaching the Heart of Darkness will bring the party down by roughly 70k hp. The tank needs to make sure that he is slowly turning and kite in a circle as well. If you get too far from the boss--you will take fall damage when he pulls you back in for phase three.

Also, the second phase includes random fire circles all over the ground that you have to avoid.


  • Begone infidels, you are not welcome here!
  • Kneel before me and repent!
  • Death is only the beginning!


Normal Mode
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How To High Prophet Barim - Heroic Lost City of the Tol'vir

How To High Prophet Barim - Heroic Lost City of the Tol'vir

Heroic Lost City of the Tol'vir - High Prophet Barim

Heroic Lost City of the Tol'vir - High Prophet Barim

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