High Priestess Kilnara is a boss found in the level 85, heroic mode Zul'Gurub (instance) dungeon.

Attacks and abilities

Phase 1

  • Spell shadow shadowbolt  [Shadow Bolt]ω ϖ—1.7 sec cast. Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 11050 to 14950 Shadow damage. Interruptable.
  • Spell shadow curse  [Lash of Anguish]ω ϖ—Lashes an enemy, inflicting 1 Shadow damage, and then 18500 to 21500 Shadow damage every second for 10 sec. 3 sec cooldown.
  • Spell fire twilightfire  [Tears of Blood]ω ϖ—Glittering trails of blood stream from the caster's eyes, inflicting 8500 to 11500 Shadow damage to all units within 12 yards. Channeling. Interruptable.
  • Inv elemental primal shadow  [Wave of Agony]ω ϖ—A crushing wave of agony sweeps across enemies in front of the caster, dealing 0 Shadow damage and knocking them back.
  • Spell warlock demonsoul  [Wail of Sorrow]ω ϖ—A dark wail of sorrow inflicts 18500 to 21500 damage to enemies.

Phase 2

  • Spell shadow metamorphosis  [Primal Blessing]ω ϖ—At 50% health Kinara is infused with the spirit of Bethekk, transform into the Avatar of Bethekk
  • Spell nature shamanrage  [Rage of the Ancients]ω ϖ—Your treacherous presence fills High Priestess Kilnara with rage. Damage and haste are periodically increasing by 5%. Stacking every 5 seconds, up to 25.
  • Spell shaman earthquake  [Cave In]ω ϖ—The temple begins to cave in, dealing 13875 to 16125 damage every 2 seconds.
  • Ability ghoulfrenzy  [Ravage]ω ϖ—Deals physical damage and causes the target to bleed for 9250 to 10750 damage every 2 seconds.
  • Ability smash  [Vengeful Smash]ω ϖ—Deals 32375 to 37625 damage to enemies within 20 yards.
  • Ability smash  [Camouflage]ω ϖ—At 15% health Kirana is invisible.


This boss is standing in the middle of a room with 16 panthers, 8 on each side of her. The tank needs to aggro boss and begin pulling adds into the fight, but only 2 or 4 at a time. (however many you think your dps and heals can handle) Dps needs to take priority on burning adds, ignore boss altogether. The panthers do a considerable amount of damage and attack the whole party doing dots and making the healers job increasingly difficult.

Most PuG tanks stand in the center of the room and pick up panthers in each pen. This isn't suggested because it gives the panthers a chance to jump to on someone else in the group.

The tank needs to get in each pen with the boss (to kite the boss into pen quickly, tank or dps must interrupt boss's casting) to take panthers in there, then tank can prevent those panthers jump to the other group member, tank's AoE attack to get threat will be more effective, due to pen's narrow space prevents panthers' jump more. And also, it makes dps and heal are easy to avoid Wave of Agony, because once the boss get in pen, she can cast it only her behind.

If you do not kill these panthers before Kilnara reaches 50%, you will have to fight the ones left alive. Any panthers you haven't killed will intervene at phase 2.

Once all of the adds are burned down focus on the boss, once you get her down a good amount the room will start shaking and aoe damage will be taken by the entire group, the boss then transforms into a panther humanoid and will vanish from battle only to re appear attacking a different party member. Once you make it to the panther form its pretty much smooth sailing. ENJOY :D


  • No. NO! Get out! Leave me here with da memory of my sista! -aggro
  • I told ya to leave! # sobbing # -upon killing a player
  • I have sworn to protect dis place... -upon killing a player
  • Ha! You are not'ing but a playt'ing!
  • Feel my agony! -Wave of Agony
  • What have you done? I can't... control...uuhhhrrrRRAAAARRRGHHH! -transforming into an Avatar of Bethekk
  • Haaa ha ha haa! Now, heathens... face da TRUE might of Bethekk! -After transforming
  • It did not have to end dis way! -upon killing a player
  • This body is useless! -Upon "killing" High Priestess Kilnara, her body appears out of the gloom, A Troll once more, apparently abandoned by the spirit of bethekk.


Inv jewelry ring zulgurub 02
Inv shoulder 102
Inv pants leather 37
Inv helmet 114
Inv belt 74

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