High Priestess Azil is the fourth and final boss of the Stonecore in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Tactics Summary

  • Normal: Interrupt every Force Grip. Run out of Gravity Wells, position yourselves so that Devout Followers run over Wells and die. Move away from Azil when she casts Energy Shield, to avoid damage and knockback. During shield phase, move out of Seismic Shard target areas. DPS can continue DPSing Azil (though damage is reduced by 75%), but kill priority is Devout Followers.
  • Heroic: Gravity Wells kill 4 units instead of lasting a fixed amount of time, and there are more Followers, so AEing them is more important.


  • [Curse of Blood]—Increases the target's Physical damage taken by 1000 for 15 sec.
  • [Energy Shield]—Deals 15000 Arcane damage to all enemies within 5 yards, knocking them back. In addition, the caster becomes surrounded by an energy shield. This shield reduces all damages taken by 75% and allows the caster to fly.
  • [Force Grip]—Capture the target in a field of energy, lifting them up into the air before slamming them into the ground. Each time the target is slammed into the ground they take 20000 damage. This damage is not reduced by armor. Last 5 sec.
  • [Seismic Shard]—Rips a chunk of earth from the ground and hurls it towards a random player's location. When the rock impacts this location any friendly or enemy unit within 5 yards will take 34999 damage.
  • [Summon Gravity Well]—Summons an area of crushing gravity. Any friendly or enemy units caught with 0 yards will be pulled towards the center. This spell deals persistent damage to all enemies within range, causing more damage the closer the target is to the center of the effect. Lasts 20 sec.

Heroics Mode: same ability


  • She will cast energy shield any time she is flying or up on the ledge. Ranged can still DPS her, but damage is greatly reduced.
  • Throughout the encounter, adds will join the fight in packs of 3. They have very low HP and hit for almost nothing, so they aren't too much of a threat.
  • When she is on the ground and engaged, the tank will spend most of his/her time force gripped. When not grabbed, the tank should keep clear of the dark areas on the ground. DPS are encouraged to interrupt Force Grip. (Tank note: If timed right, you can interrupt her Force Grip before she even finishes casting it each time, it will COMPLETELY avoid this mechanic if your dps cannot interrupt it in time.)
  • The rest of the group should attempt to position themselves so a Dark Portal is between them and the add spawn areas, so that the adds are easily kited into the portals and die almost instantly.
  • Periodically, she will fly back up to the ledge and begin throwing rocks at players. It takes her a long time to throw one, and there is a circle on the ground indicating where it will land, so it isn't too difficult to dodge.


  • The world will be reborn in flames!
Throw boulder
  • Witness the power bestowed upon me by Deathwing! Feel the fury of earth!
Killing a player
  • A sacrifice for you, master.
  • For my death, countless more will fall. The burden is now yours to bear.


Normal Mode
Inv boots cloth 15
Inv helmet 121
Inv misc bone 08
Inv misc enggizmos 06
Inv misc armorkit 21


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