High General Rakeesh was a strong Eredar who fell into the demonic corruption and became a loyal servant to the Burning Legion. He led the attack on Exodar.


Early life

Rakeesh was Velen's son, who was abducted by Kil'jaeden 13,000 years ago on Argus. Velen was led to believe that his family had died on Argus. In reality, Kil'jaeden twisted Rakeesh into one of his generals for the sole purpose of one day enacting revenge on his nemesis.


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When the Burning Legion returned to invade and conquer the world of Azeroth, Rakeesh's mission was to lay waste to the Exodar and its inhabitants, and also to kill his own father Velen who he thought had abandoned him long ago. At the start of the assault, Rakeesh's main goal was slay the naaru O'ros, who was the last descendant of Xe'ra and dwelled within the core of the Exodar, which represented a higher threat to the Legion's conquest in burning the world of Azeroth.

As the Velen and his people were already caught by surprise and engaged Rakeesh's forces, Rakeesh managed to seize much of the city early on, but mass host of Draenei, including allies that arrived as reinforcements from all corners of Azeroth, managed to fight back and overwhelm the enemy. However, Rakeesh managed to make his way to the Seat of the Naaru and began directing the demons' efforts to wipe out every fighter that were still engaging. That was when his father Prophet Velen arrived with a powerful champion from an Order Hall. Now that the Draenei and their allies were able to retake the city from the Rakeeshi, closing almost all of the portals, and rescuing as many draenei civilians that were hiding or held as prisoners, an infuriated Rakeesh held O'ros and continued to beat the Naaru to death.

As Velen and his champion arrived to confront, Rakeesh slew O'ros when he summoned a Fel Annihilator to crush the Naaru. This forced Velen and the champion to openly engage Rakeesh. However, during the fight, Velen suddenly realized who Rakeesh was and the being he was fighting was revealed to be his son. As Rakeesh was almost losing, Velen attempted to stop his champion and allies from harming his son, but it was too late. Rakeesh was slain and died in his father's arms. However, this did not mean it was over, for his soul was sent to the Twisting Nether and would slowly reform.


  • In Eredun, "Rakeesh" means "Butcher".



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