High Deathpriest Isidorus is a member of the Scourge and has been captured by Thassarian and his minion Lurid. Currently, Lurid is interrogating him at The Wailing Ziggurat in Borean Tundra.


Lurid starts off by saying one of the following:

  • Master... you want... I kill puny priest? Make painful, yes?
  • You worship death, little man? Death is here!
  • Yes, weakling... beg Lurid for life!

Isidorus responds with one of the following:

  • Please... all our orders come from Naxxanar... me and my men are kept in the dark!
  • Mercy! You were once with us! Do you not remember?
  • I beg you, death knight! Keep your minion away from me! I'll do anything

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