High Chieftain Cliffwalker is a Horde Quest giver at Cliffwalker Post in Stonetalon Mountains.

Leader of a Tauren tribe who live among the craggy peaks of Stonetalon, the town of Cliffwalker's tribe have been occupied by the forces of Overlord Krom'gar and General Grebo, a pair of audacious and bloodthirsty Horde commanders with ambitions for a great war against the local night elf population. Cliffwalker and his wife, Masha, object strongly to this campaign, and in particular a plan by Krom'gar to drop a potent explosive device on Thal'darah Grove, a peaceful druid settlement.

After beseeching the Overlord for some time, Cliffwalker proposes dispatching his son to independently investigate and ensure that there were no weapons at the grove. Krom'gar accepted this pretense, but in order to justify his warmongering, dispatched Grebo into the grove along with the younger Cliffwalker. Grebo murdered the boy, as well as several night elf witnesses. During the melee, however, the general dropped his insignia, which was retrieved by an adventurer dispatched by the elder Cliffwalker to locate his son.

Upon hearing that his son was dead and seeing the insignia, the High Chieftain immediately knew that Krom'gar and Grebo were responsible. Cliffwalker and his wife confronted Grebo and a pair of Krom'gar bodyguards, who attacked the Tauren. In self-defense, the High Chieftain and Marsha slew the orcs.

The adventurer who discovered the insignia was sent by the High Chieftain to Krom'gar in an attempt to explain what had happened and potentially end the bloodshed. However, Krom'gar instead led a force to Cliffwalker Post and personally murdered Marsha Cliffwalker before menacing the widower High Chieftain and, in a supreme act of cruelty, dropping the device on the grove, killing dozens of innocents. At the last moment before the Overlord was to kill Cliffwalker himself, Warchief Hellscream arrived and "dismissed" Krom'gar following a monologue on the virtues of honor and his time in Northrend. The Warchief, deeply upset by the murder of innocents, was about to execute the adventurer when Cliffwalker explained that they had uncovered Krom'gar's deception and corruption, and asked Hellscream to show them mercy. Garrosh was surprised by this plea and, in one of his rare moments of peace, said, "On this day, Chieftain, I learn from you."

The forces of Krom'gar were disbanded and the campaign against the night elves of Stonetalon discontinued. What became of High Chieftain Cliffwalker following the cessation of this presence is unknown, though it is believed by many that he began a program of outreach and aid to the local night elves, asking their forgiveness for his knowledge of the attack and the deaths of those who had been at the grove.


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