Heroes' Dreadnaught Battlegear is the 10-man version of the Tier 7 set for damage Warriors.

Icon-shortcutSee also: Heroes' Dreadnaught Plate for the tank version of this set. 


The Heroes' Dreadnaught Battlegear items are sold in Dalaran. They are "purchased" with Tokens of the Lost Protector.

Slot Token Dropped by Found in
Head 1 Inv helmet 24 Kel'Thuzad Naxxramas
Hands 1 Inv gauntlets 27 Sartharion Obsidian Sanctum
Legs 1 Inv pants plate 17 Gluth Naxxramas
Thaddius Naxxramas
Shoulders 1 Inv shoulder 22 Gluth Naxxramas
Loatheb Naxxramas
Chest 1 Inv chest chain 03 Gluth Naxxramas
Four Horsemen Naxxramas

The Tier 7 set items also drop directly from Archavon the Stone Watcher.

Some Tokens of the Lost Protector can also be bought for Emblems of Heroism or Emblems of Valor, respectively.


T7 war

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Heroes' Dreadnaught Battlegear
Inv helmet 58
Inv chest plate02
Inv pants plate 05
Inv shoulder 29
Inv gauntlets 28


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