• Hero's Call Board
Stormwind City Bulletin Board

The Hero's Call Board in Stormwind

Hero's Call Boards can be found at any major Alliance quest hub in Azeroth. They offer level-appropriate quests for all zones. The equivalent billboard for the Horde is the Warchief's Command Board, found in all major Horde quest hubs.

Quests Edit

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Eastern Kingdoms quests Edit

Call Boards in Eastern Kingdoms capital cities:

Storwmind City-only quests Edit

Trade District and Dwarven District

Ironforge-only quests Edit

Kalimdor quests Edit

Call Boards in Kalimdor capital cities:

Darnassus-only quests Edit

Exodar-only quests Edit

Dalaran and Northrend-only quests Edit

Only contains the following quest:

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Stormwind City
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