Inv misc book 09

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This item begins the quest Alliance 15 [34] Lonebrow's Journal. The readable version of this book is obtained with that quest: [Lonebrow's Journal]

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Henrig Lonebrow's Journal
Henrig Lonebrow's Journal can be found on Henrig's body[30.8, 24.4]
near the Great Lift in Thousand Needles.

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Note that when you right-click [Henrig Lonebrow's Journal] in your inventory, it is replaced by Inv misc book 09 [Lonebrow's Journal]. If you wait for [Henrig Lonebrow's Journal] to respawn on his body, you can then pick it up again, and since it is not soulbound, you can mail or give it to another character who can then accept the quest. However, since it must be turned in at Thalanaar, this is of decidedly limited value. The only benefit is that the second character could fly directly to Thalanaar, bypassing the long run there to pick up the book, assuming he already has the Thalanaar FP. Also note that Thalanaar has no mailbox.

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