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This is an overview of the various WoWWiki tooltips that display when you mouseover a link (assuming you have JavaScript support in your browser). In addition, it explains the special relationships between several important templates that work together to show these tooltips .

{{Item}}, {{Loot}}, and {{Tooltip}}

The {{item}} and {{loot}} templates both create a tooltip link, using information from the {{tooltip}} on the item's page. Do not use {{item}} tooltip inside {{tooltip}} or {{settip}}.

Item vs. Loot
Pulls the color directly from the {{tooltip}} Displays the color from the <quality> parameter
More load on server Less load on server
Invalid pages are red Invalid pages create DB links
Pages with no/invalid {{tooltip}} embed the target page contents into page with {{item}}. Pages with no/invalid {{tooltip}} display an Error tooltip.
Can display item icon Can be used for enchants

Item format: {{item|<page_name>|<display_name>}} + |icon=.

  • <page_name> is the only required parameter.
  • Include |icon= to have the item's icon appear.

Link format: {{loot|<quality>|<page_name>|<display_name>}}.

  • <quality> determines the color of the link.
  • <page_name> is the only required parameter.
  • <display_name> can be used to hide disambiguations.

{{item}} Example Result {{loot}} Example Result
{{item|Warp Slicer|s}}[Warp Slicers] {{loot|legendary|Warp Slicer|s}}[Warp Slicers]
{{item|Dignified Headmaster's Charge}}[Dignified Headmaster's Charge] {{loot|epic|Dignified Headmaster's Charge}}[Dignified Headmaster's Charge]
{{item|Invalid Page}}Invalid Page {{loot|common|Invalid Page}}[Invalid Page]
{{item|Archeus|icon=}}Inv sword 08 [Archeus] {{loot|uncommon|Archeus}}[Archeus]
Enchants not available {{loot|enchant|Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon}}[Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon]
{{item|Corruption (sword)|Corruption}}[Corruption] {{loot|rare|Corruption (sword)|Corruption}}[Corruption]

The enchant syntax for {{loot}} is proper for profession modifications that function as enchantments such as [Fur Lining - Stamina] and [Socket Bracer], which use the Embroid template for their {{tooltip}}.

Both {{item}} and {{loot}} require a valid {{tooltip}} on the target page to function correctly.

Example {{tooltip}}
|dmg=63 - 95
|effect=Chance on hit: Blasts a target for 85 Arcane damage.
|flavor=[[Morgan Ladimore]]'s sword.

You can use the following item to test the contents of various {{tooltip}} parameters
[Test loot]

{{Mob}}, {{NPC}}, and {{Npcbox}}

The {{mob}} and {{NPC}} templates both create a tooltip link, using information from the {{npcbox}} on the NPC's page ({{Mobbox}} was previously used for {{mob}}, but has been replaced with {{Npcbox}}).

Mob vs. NPC
Displays a combat icon before the link. Displays the icon from the <faction> parameter.
Used only for NPCs that neither faction can interact with. Used for NPCs that at least one faction can interact with.

Mob format: {{mob|<page_name>|<title>|<display_name>}}. See {{mob}} for additional parameters.

  • <page_name> is the only required parameter.
  • <title> should only be the title displayed when mousing over the NPC in-game.
  • <display_name> can be used to hide disambiguations.

NPC format: {{NPC|<faction>|<page_name>|<title>|<display_name>}}. See {{NPC}} for additional parameters.

  • <faction> inserts an icon for the NPC's faction before link. Values: Alliance, Horde, Neutral, Combat.
  • <page_name> is the only required parameter.
  • <title> should only be the title displayed when mousing over the NPC in-game.
  • <display_name> can be used to hide disambiguations.
  • <level=>, a named parameter*, is the NPC's level.
  • <icon=>, a named parameter*, is the NPC's level.
*Named parameters can be placed anywhere in the parameters and will not affect the ordered parameters.

{{mob}}Example Result {{NPC}} Example Result
{{Mob|Alexander Calder|Warlock Trainer}}Combat 15 Alexander Calder <Warlock Trainer> {{NPC|Alliance|Alexander Calder|Warlock Trainer}}Alliance 15 Alexander Calder <Warlock Trainer>
{{Mob|Lord Victor Nefarius|Lord of Blackrock|level=??+}}Combat 15 [??+] Lord Victor Nefarius <Lord of Blackrock> {{NPC||level=70+|Andormu|Keepers of Time}}[70+] Andormu <Keepers of Time>

Both {{mob}} and {{NPC}} require a valid {{Npcbox}} on the target page to function correctly.

Example {{Npcbox}}
 | name = Alexander Calder
 | image = Alexander Calder.jpg
 | title = Warlock Trainer
 | level = 60
 | type = 
 | faction = Alliance
 | city = 
 | race = Human
 | creature = Humanoid
 | sex = Male
 | location = [[Ironforge]]
 | relatives = [[Amelia Calder|Amelia]] (sister), [[Deze Snowbane]] (cousin)
 | status = Alive

{{Quest}}, {{Questlong}}, or {{Questclass}}; and {{Questbox}}

The {{Quest}}, {{Questlong}}, or {{Questclass}} templates create varying types of quest links that display tooltip with a subset of quest info from data in the {{Questbox}} of the target quest.

Example Result
{{quest|Divino-matic Rod}} Divino-matic Rod
{{questlong|Neutral|47D|Divino-matic Rod}}Neutral 15 [47D] Divino-matic Rod
{{questclass|Neutral|Warlock|60G|Suppression}}Neutral 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock [60G] Suppression

For the {{Quest}}, {{Questlong}}, or {{Questclass}} templates to work, the target quest must contain a completed {{Questbox}} template.

Example {{Questbox}}

| name = Suppression
| faction = Neutral
| level = 60
| levelreq = 60
| class = warlock
| type = Group
| category = Blasted Lands
| start = {{NPC|Neutral|Daio the Decrepit|level=60}}
| experience = 650
| rewards = {{loot|rare|Tome of Sacrifice}}
| id = 7583


This template creates a superscript link to a page with the name of the 3rd (map) parameter and shows a tooltip of the corresponding map with a marker (BlipA) for where the coordinates are on the map.

Example Result
{{coords|54|51|Stormwind}}[54, 51]
{{coords|56|75|Durotar}}[55.8, 75.3]

For a list of map names to use, see Template:Coords/Maps.


This template creates a link to a spell or other ability.

Example Result
{{ability|Frostfire Bolt}}[Frostfire Bolt]
{{ability|Execute|Mage killer}}[Mage killer]
{{ability|Magical Pink Pony Power}}[Magical Pink Pony Power]

This template usually requires {{Infobox ability}} to be on the target page. However, stand-alone tooltips for {{Abilitytip}} and {{Talenttip}} can also be constructed with the following method:

You basically make 2 copies of the template, but the second is a hidden version (using |ttc=1) that shows as the tooltip (yeah, kind of ugly).

|name=Entangling Roots
|cost=7% of base
|desc=Roots the target in place and causes 20 Nature damage over 12 sec.<br/>
Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Only usable outdoors.
...copy of the params above...

How it works

The templates work in combination with Javascript to load the box, tooltip, or other relevant data for display. The mechanism was developed by Pcj. Since about October 2013, Celess22 took over oversight of most of the Javascript code at WoWWiki and made some tweaks, but it largely is unchanged.


  • Some tooltips will not show correctly (upper right with larger font size) on their home page even with use of |disambigpage. To make them behave, use |mode={{{mode|home}}} instead of the standard |mode={{{mode|}}}.


  • WoWWiki tooltips are not the same as described in general Wikia Help:Tooltips.

Mouse-over tool-tip

Example of a large tooltip from the Ikariam Wiki's Dump page

Tooltips are simple hover effects you can use to provide extra information to readers when they hover over certain elements on a page, such as text. This is most useful for adding context, expanding abbreviations, quick common term translations, and adding a description to terms on your community that may not be obvious to a general reader. They should only be used on text elements for best results, and should use the <abbr> tag rather than <div> or <span>.

Mobile devices are not able to "hover", as they have no pointing device. Therefore, you should only use tooltips to supply simple and additional information, and not rely on them to supply important content.

Step by step

In order to make a basic tooltip all you will have to do is surround the text you wish to have a tooltip with abbr tags containing the parameter title="text goes here!", like this:

<abbr title="This is a tool-tip!">Mouse-over me to see the tool-tip!</abbr>

To produce this (using the abbr tag):

Mouse-over me to see the tool-tip!

You can also change the way the cursor looks when hovering over the same text or any other text by adding style="cursor:<cursor-style>;". For example:

  1. style="cursor:help;" will produce this:
    Mouse-over me to see the 'help' cursor.
  2. style="cursor:pointer;" will produce this:
    Mouse-over me to see the 'pointer' cursor.
See also: Help:Cursor

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