On 5-player dungeon boss strategy pages (e.g. Corborus), the Tactics summary should be the first section of the article, containing terse instructions on how to deal with that boss. The goal is to have an easily-digested list of the main things to keep in mind during the fight. For example, a player should be able to quickly refresh their memory of the fight, if they're returning to a Heroic dungeon with a new character several months after the last time they were there.

Tactics summaries assume all the following:

  • This is a boss in a 5-player dungeon.
  • There is a Dungeon Journal entry for this boss.
  • The player has read the Dungeon Journal entry for this boss and is at least passingly familiar with its abilities.
  • Unless the summary indicates otherwise, each player in the group will perform their normal assigned role until the boss is defeated:
    • Tank will face the boss and try to gain high threat.
    • Healer will stay out of melee range of the boss and heal the group members.
    • Melee DPS will melee the boss from behind.
    • Ranged DPS will attack the boss at range.
    • DPS should not out-threaten the tank.
    • Crowd control should use available abilities on adds.
  • If the summary doesn't give explicit instructions for your role, assume that you should just do what your role normally does.
  • Everything listed in the Normal strategy also applies in the Heroic strategy, unless explicitly overridden by something in the Heroic summary.
  • Depending on group composition (levels/gearing) some boss abilities can be ignored as they will be insignificant. The strategy listed is the ideal/lowest-risk strategy.

How (or whether) to write tactics summaries for 10/25 raid bosses has not been determined, since raid boss mechanics are typically far more complicated than those of 5-player dungeon bosses.

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