Hellscream is a short story by Robert Brooks featured on the official site, released 21 August 2014. The story leads to the events of the comic Gul'dan and the Stranger.

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Before Gul'dan's dramatic fall, two strangers arrived on Draenor: The deposed warchief of the Horde and a bronze dragon whose motivations were clouded in mystery. Will their actions on Draenor place all living beings on Azeroth in mortal peril?

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Kairozdormu tells Garrosh that he intends for him to create the first of many new Hordes. Not wanting to be a pawn, Garrosh betrays and kills Kairoz with a shard of the Vision of Time. Garrosh uses the shard to convince Grommash Hellscream not to drink Mannoroth's blood, and to instead create the Iron Horde.

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