Spell fire incinerate
  • Hellscream's Warsong
  • Increases hitpoints by 300. 15% haste to melee attacks. 10 mana regen every 5 seconds.
  • Duration: 60 minutes
For the Icecrown Citadel buff, see Hellscream's Warsong.

Hellscream's Warsong is an area buff granted to all Horde players in Nagrand after completing the long Mag'har quest chain that ends with Horde 15 [70] Hero of the Mag'har. It boosts hitpoints by 300, grants 15% haste to melee, and allows 10 mana regen every 5 seconds.

During the event in which Thrall visits Garadar, after speaking with Greatmother Geyah, he shows Garrosh the truth about his father, Grom Hellscream. After seeing the image (a spiritual re-enactment of the battle with Mannoroth in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos), Garrosh gives this buff. This buff cannot be given if Thrall is already there when Hero of the Mag'har is turned in.

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