Helix Gearbreaker the Carpenter is the second boss of Deadmines. Helix was once part of the Bilgewater Cartel, but is now considered a traitor. He works to build a mast for the Defias Juggernaut.

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If you get a Chest Bomb on you, move away from other players to stand under one end of the overhead log until it detonates. Avoid the bombs on the ground. Healer needs to keep an eye on players who get smashed by the Oaf.

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Phase 1 Edit

Helix is riding atop of his Combat 15 Lumbering Oaf. The Oaf will melee and will, once in a while, grab a random player and crash him into the wall. Helix will throw Sticky Bombs which will explode after a while. The Lumbering Oaf may occasionally throw Helix on a random player.

Phase 2 Edit

Begins after the Lumbering Oaf is killed. Helix will jump on the face of a random party member, riding him instead of the oaf. He will rapidly throw Sticky Bombs, so the ridden player must move so that the group can continue DPSing Helix without being hit by bombs.

Heroic strategy Edit

Helix will periodically jump on players during the fight. At this time DPS should focus on him until he goes back to the Lumbering Oaf. Before he goes back, he places a bomb on someone's chest. That person should stand under the log in the center of the room (the bomb knocks you up; the fall hurts more then the blast by quite a bit). No other visible difference other then increased damage.

Loot Edit

Inv sword 24
Inv pants 02
Inv shield 02
Inv spear 07

Inv sword 24
Inv glove plate dungeonplate c 03
Inv bracer 09
Inv gauntlets mail dungeonmail c 03
Inv misc cape cataclysm melee c 01

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How To Helix Gearbreaker - Deadmines Heroic

How To Helix Gearbreaker - Deadmines Heroic

Heroic Deadmines - Helix Gearbreaker

Heroic Deadmines - Helix Gearbreaker

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Quotes Edit

  • The mistress will pay me handsomely for your heads!
Spell Cast
  • Bombs away!
Grabbed by Oaf
  • Lumbering Oaf yells: No...NO!
  • Lumbering Oaf yells: OAF SMASH!!
Helix Thrown
  • Ready Oafie? Throw!
Lumbering Oaf dies
  • I didn't need him! Not when I've got YOU oafs!
  • The scales... have... tipped...

Trivia Edit

  • The similarity of Helix's aggro quote is presumably in homage to one of the original Deadmines bosses, Rhahk'Zor. The battle itself, however, is reminiscent of the Mast Room's original boss: Sneed, who was fought on his shredder, and then fought by himself.

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