Chef's Hat

Orc equipped with Chef's Hat, a head slot item.

Head is, within World of Warcraft, usually the word players use to describe one of the various gear slots in which they can place armor. The Head slot is used for armor such as hats, helmets and masks. Within the inventory, this slot is directly above the neck.

Head items are generally not available to most adventurers at an early level, and players typically start wearing them around the mid 20's. However, it is still possible for players at an early level to have access to headgear, although items usually range from novelty cloth hats purchased for a hefty fee or from seasonal events (for example, the Flimsy Masks) which have marginal, if any, contribution other than cosmetic enhancement. With the profession engineering and a skill of 100, goggles such as Flying Tiger Goggles can be crafted.

One notable exception is the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat which can be obtained in the rewards for daily fishing quests in the major cities at any time after level 10. (This confers 31 points of Armor which can easily be a 10% boost to cloth and leather wearing characters below level 20).

In Outland and Northrend, many revered factions will sell an augment which produces an enchant on the head item, ranging from arcane protection to increased spell damage.

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