This is the 5-man, level 85, heroic mode dungeon boss. See Hazza'rah (original) for the old Zul'Gurub raid version.

Hazza'rah is a ghost troll druid boss that may randomly spawn during the Cache of Madness event in Zul'Gurub. It requires an Archaeology skill of 225 or more to activate. The other potential bosses are: Renataki, Gri'lek, Wushoolay.

Hazza'rah does two things to watch out for: He will constantly cast a very powerful [Wrath]ω τ ϖ - this must be interrupted as often as possible, because they hit for 40-60k, or more, on tanks. If it's not interrupted, Hazza'rah will just spam-cast it. Occasionally he will cast [Earth Shock]ω τ ϖ.

Periodically, Hazza'rah will also cast [Sleep]ω τ ϖ, which will crowd control all but one party member. He will summon with [Nightmare]ω τ ϖ four Combat 15 Nightmare Illusionω ϖ creatures, and each will target a different player. They can cast [Waking Nightmare]ω τ ϖ (a type of stun), but have low HP and must be killed to release their target from CC. If all four are killed, it will not stop Hazza'rah from channeling Nightmare; on the other hand, if none are killed, it will not keep Hazza'rah channeling Nightmare past its duration. If a Nightmare Illusion reaches its target, that player will die from [Consume Soul]ω τ ϖ.

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