Havenshire is located north of New Avalon, and southeast of Death's Breach and Acherus: The Ebon Hold. Havenshire comprises the Havenshire Mine, Light's Point Tower, Light's Point along the beach, the Havenshire Stables, the Havenshire Farms, the Crypt of Remembrance, and the Havenshire Lumber Mill. Havenshire is under constant siege from initiate Death Knights and Geists. Prince Valanar and Prince Keleseth are two forward commanders during the siege, along with several others like Gothik the Harvester. Havenshire's desperate defence is several carts and barrels stacked together with a few guards posted there.

The Scourge have started taking over Havenshire, forcing the abandonment of the mill and stables, with Citizens of Havenshire fleeing to New Avalon and pleading for support from High Abbot Landgren and High General Abbendis.


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