Harlan Sweete is the last boss in Freehold and captain of the Irontide Raiders. He used to be the first mate of Flynn Fairwind in another pirate crew. The two had a falling out after a messy job and Flynn lost all taste for freebooting, so just disappeared one day. Meanwhile Harlan took the nastiest of the crew and formed the Irontide Raiders.[1] Harlan then went around Freehold forcing smaller crews to pledge loyalty.[2]

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Harlan Sweete is the leader of the Irontide Raiders, and his vast wealth is only exceeded by his sliminess. Currently bankrolled by the Lady Ashvane, Sweete has been tasked with uniting the crews of those who sail the seas of Kul Tiras.

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  • Sweete's model shares animations with the wyrmtongue one.

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