The Hammond Farmstead.

The Hammond Farmstead[27.5, 66.9]
is located right next to the Allen Farmstead, southwest of the town of Duskhaven in Gilneas. It has a large field filled with corn which serves to hide the approaching Forsaken attackers, making it a dangerous place to venture. The Farmstead also seems to be taking the brunt of the Forsaken assault, bearing blows from the Forsaken catapults.

The Farmstead is largely abandoned, but Melinda Hammond was separated from her children in the confusion of the assault. The military, fearing for her safety, will not allow her to leave the Allen Farmstead cellar to find them. It is fortunate that they are eventually rescued, as the imminent Cataclysm destroys the entire Farmstead and surrounding countryside all the way to Duskmist Shore.




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