Halycon is a giant red and black worg owned by the Bloodaxe Legion. She produces the orcs' attack worgs with her mate Gizrul the Slavener — despite rumors of their origin being of demonic sources and supernatural works. Deep within lower Blackrock Spire she is housed with her brood of pups in Halycon's Nest and is heavily guarded by orcs and worgs alike.


Calls upon Gizrul the Slavener upon death.


General StrategyEdit

Halycon is a fairly easy fight. If your group is unable to pull the pups without having her tag along, have your AoE classes handle them. They're non-elites, making them easily cleaned up. Also be sure to fight inside of her lair because once she is dead Gizrul will come down the hallway afterwards. Be sure to have your shaman re-plant their totems inside as well to avoid unnecessary Gizrul aggro.

Once Halycon herself has been aggroed, have your casters and healers run into her lair and onto the higher ground near the back to provide distance between them and Halycon in case the tank loses aggro. Once her pups are down, simply DPS and keep the tank alive and you can defeat her no problem.

Two Rogues and a DruidEdit

Halycon is also easily killable with a party of two rogues and a druid. Since all three players can stealth through Blackrock Spire until you've reached Halycon's Nest, the fight is quite possible.

There are two ways to deal with the pups: you can vanish to kill three at a time until they are cleared or you can pull the whole group of pups out into the hallway and clean them up there before taking on Halycon herself. Keep in mind if you clear in the hallway there are a few other mobs that you'll need to take care of first.

Once the room is add-free, let the druid tank in Bear Form while the rogues deal DPS and manage aggro if necessary with Feint. Your druid will eventually need to heal, and when they do keep in mind their aggro will be really high so the DPS will need to increase to down Halycon and keep everyone alive.

Don't forget! Gizrul will come in afterwards so if you don't want a messy fight, be sure to stealth as soon as you have looted Halycon's corpse. If possible it is recommended that those who use the "two rogue/one druid" strategy stick around after she has been slain due to Gizrul having the chance of dropping the Wildheart Spaulders for the druid's first Class set.



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