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The Hall of the Seasons is the order hall for the monk class. Positioned on the Wandering Isle, the heart of it is the Temple of Five Dawns, with services and other NPCs of note within nearby Mandori Village. Much of the remaining parts of the Isle are accessible, treated as a sanctuary.

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Monks of all races access the Hall after undergoing a small quest chain that leads into the Peak of Serenity. There, they discover the Burning Legion has tracked down the location of the monk's temples atop the mountain and have launched a series of attacks. Though successful in driving the demons off and rescuing many of the pandaren, the monks are forced to abandon the area they once called home and make their way to the Wandering Isle.

Once completed, the Peak of Serenity is no longer accessible to monks via their abilities.

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The major inhabitants of the Hall are split between the Temple proper and the Village.

Temple of Five Dawns Edit

Quest givers

Mandori Village Edit

Quest givers
  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Pandaren Male Yi <Food & Drink>
Class trainers

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Temple of Five Dawns
Mandori Village

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  • There are recruiters at the Temple and Village that allow players to recruit a small cadre of monks from select orders (Ox, Crane, etc.) to go out on missions for them.

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