The RPG Icon 16x36 This article concerns content exclusive to Warcraft RPG and thus unlikely to be canon.

Half-human half-ogres are half-ogres with part human descent. Ogres crossed the Dark Portal into Azeroth over 24 years ago, thus, half-human half-ogres may exist. If the rumors of their existence are true, most half-human half-ogres are products of ogre aggressions on human villages. Their primary languages are Common and Low Common.

The half-human half-ogre looks more like a human, with rounder ears and pinker skin. Their tusks are also not as predominant, and their eyes are larger. Instead of a mixed blood racial trait, half-human half-ogres possess ogre blood. A half-human half-ogre is considered a human and an ogre, sharing many of the same abilities of both parent races.[1]


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