Hai'shulud is a level 65 elite bone worm of the Bone Wastes in Terokkar Forest. He is called <The Bone Emperor>, probably because he is the king of the Bone Shifter sand worms. Although the quest calls him "something must be breeding" the young sand worms in the Bone Wastes which would indicate a female, she (or he) is an emperor rather than an empress. It has a massive amount of health and a poison projectile that deals 1200 damage. You need to kill it and loot it to complete a quest. Hai'shulud is no normal mob, and does not lurk in the wild, the only way to be killed by it is that if you summoned it, to complete your quest.


In group, killing he is nothing but Tank n Spank battle. He can be easily soloed at lvl 70 with no tricks, but low level characters that are capable to heal can solo him by pulling him to Netherweb Ridge, where Draenei Vindicator aids you. Vindicators can take massive amounts of damage, just remember to heal him, and "Bone Emperor" is piece of cake. Remember to "Tag" Hai'shulud, so you get kill credit.

You must kill Hai'shulud in order to complete The Big Bone Worm.

Pop Culture Reference Edit

The name is obviously a take-off on "Shai-hulud", the name the Fremen give for giant sand worms from the Dune science-fantasy series of books by Frank Herbert. In addition, the objective of the last mission in the game Emperor: Battle for Dune is for you to kill 'The Emperor Worm'. Shai'hulud is Arabic for "a thing of eternity."

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