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'''Hae'Wilani''' can be found in [[Shadowprey Village]] in [[Desolace]]. {{coords|25.7|71|Desolace}}
'''Hae'Wilani''' is a level 30 [[axe]] [[vendor]] located in [[Shadowprey Village]] in the [[contested]] territory of [[Desolace]].{{coords|25.7|71|Desolace}}
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Hae'Wilani is a level 30 axe vendor located in Shadowprey Village in the contested territory of Desolace.[25.7, 71]


BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Source Slot Cost
Inv axe 17 [Merciless Axe]26VendorTwo-Handed Axe3Gold 1Silver 95Copper
Inv axe 17 [Midnight Axe]29VendorTwo-Handed Axe4Gold 3Silver 42Copper
Inv weapon halberd 06 [Bullova]30VendorTwo-Handed Axe2Gold 82Silver 86Copper
Inv throwingaxe 01 [Crescent Axe]30VendorOne-Handed Axe2Gold 25Silver 48Copper
Inv axe 01 [Francisca]41VendorOne-Handed Axe5Gold 22Silver 20Copper
Inv throwingaxe 06 [Great Axe]39VendorTwo-Handed Axe5Gold 61Silver 70Copper

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