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Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer is an epic gun made by Engineers. It is widely agreed that this gun was designed mostly for protection Warriors, due to the high stamina bonus, but it can also find some use as a hunter weapon.

Orc preparing to fire a Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer


This item can be crafted by Engineers with a skill level of 375. It requires the presence of an anvil to be made.

Materials Required
Inv elemental primal nether
1x [Primal Nether]
Inv ingot 09
20x [Khorium Bar]
Inv elemental primal air
12x [Primal Air]
Inv elemental primal fire
12x [Primal Fire]
Inv gizmo felstabilizer
4x [Felsteel Stabilizer]
Inv gizmo hardenedadamantitetube
1x [Hardened Adamantite Tube]

This pattern is taught by master Engineering Trainers.

Reduced to its most base components, it will require the following materials to craft.

30x [Adamantite Bar] = 60x [Adamantite Ore]
20x [Khorium Bar] = 40x [Khorium Ore]
24x [Fel Iron Bar] = 48x [Fel Iron Ore]
16x [Eternium Bar] = 32x [Eternium Ore]
12x [Primal Fire] = 120x [Mote of Fire]
12x [Primal Air] = 120x [Mote of Air]
1x [Primal Nether]

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