Gurubashi Blood Drinkers are a type of trash mob found in Zul'Gurub. They are a specific type of blood drinker, which are trolls who have fallen into blood lust.


Blood Drinkers will frequently use their blooddrinking ability which will drain life out of players in range (AoE) and transfer it to the drinker. This is shadow damage and can be absorbed or resisted by the appropriate abilities.

They also have an ability that drains 1k life per second from any friendly target and heals them for 5k life a second. This ability will also break sheep, so you need to tank the Drinkers away from other CCd adds.


Blood Drinkers can be sheeped and rooted, and often are CC'd and saved for last when pulled with other mobs. Blood Drinkers should be tanked away from the raid and from each other by one tank per Blood Drinker, and attacked from range by everyone else. This minimizes the amount of healing they can do from their tank and from the other Blood Drinker(s).

An alternate way of dealing with them (assuming two priests are in group) is to mind control them, and use the ability that drains life from a friendly target and heals them. Mind control two of them on the pull, AOE with both of them, and then use one of them to drain the other's life down to 0 hp. MC the next mob, and do the same. You can wipe out entire groups (minus the remaining Blood Drinker). Also, for a fun joke, MC one and take out your teammates one by one(healers first). Then proceed to kill yourself (or you'll get a durability loss).

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World of Warcraft Patch 1.7.0 (13-Sep-2005): Added

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