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The Gullet[36, 38.15]
is a Horde flight point southwest of Glopgut's Hollow in the Twilight Highlands. Those stationed there are attempting to turn the nearby ogres against the Twilight's Hammer clan, as well as cleanse the cave of "bad juju" so the Horde can use it as a base of operations.

After Narkrall Rakeclaw is killed at Thundermar, his enslaved mount, Torth, escapes to the Gullet. Horde players face off against him with the aid of Zaela.

Flight paths Edit

Horde 15 Bloodgulch, Twilight Highlands
Horde 15 Crushblow, Twilight Highlands

Inhabitants Edit

During Fury Unbound
Normal phase

Notes Edit

  • When players are on the Fury Unbound quest, the Gullet is phased, and no other NPCs are present except for Zaela. Once the quest is complete (or dropped), the other NPCs phase back in.
  • During the normal phase for the subzone, there is nothing inside the cave, except for Uchek. During Night Terrors there are a variety of undead, including banshees and wraiths. These can only be seen while on the quest.

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